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We are committed to the concept that the foundation of learning is derived, in part, through movement. Extensive research has determined that early exposure to movement and physical skills helps children acquire the self-confidence and positive attitude necessary for a healthy and active life. Kid Motion provides the opportunity for each child to freely participate in a movement program that not only incorporates age-appropriate physical development but also provides activities that further their social and cognitive development.

Children learn through movement and should have planned opportunities to develop physical skills. We believe that presenting children with age-appropriate movement challenges in a constructive, positive way begins to lay a foundation for more complex skill development and academic learning.


Kid Motion is a movement program for young children ages 2 - 5 years old. We have been operating in Winnetka since 1985. Kid Motion was established to provide young, active children with a developmentally appropriate learning environment that would enable them to enhance their physical development in a fun and creative atmosphere. All classes are limited to 12 children and have 2 trained teachers.



Kid Motion was founded based on elementary teaching techniques and experiences along with a commitment to a healthy and physical lifestyle. The end result is a successful, popular program that provides a place for children to have fun, develop confidence and grow socially and intellectually.

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