Kid Motion is a movement-oriented program, centered on weekly themes. Each class has a unique and carefully planned lesson to guarantee a fun, safe, active, and challenging setting for tots to kindergartners.


Free Play

Free play gives children an opportunity to freely explore and choose their activities. This can be very physical, as some children try to perfect a movement on a piece of equipment. Others may engage in creative play using the room and equipment as a springboard for their play.


Circle Time

This is the time that the class joins for social interaction and language development. Children this age always have something to say and share. Other activities during circle time include songs, poems, and the favorite “Magic Can”.


Skill Time

Each week time is devoted to learning a particular skill by incorporating the infinite number of Kid Motion teaching tools, such as balls, hoops, sticks, ropes, and musical instruments.


Obstacle Course

This activity is designed to ensure that all the children have a chance to use all the pieces of equipment in the room. Following directions, the children take turns winding their way around the room, using the equipment in different ways each week. This is not only a physical activity; it is one that also develops sequencing and patterns, which are backbones to readiness skills for school.


Group Game

The culminating activity for the class is a non-competitive game that usually relates to the theme in some way.



Our Five Pillars


Parent & Tot
Gymtime Classes

During the one hour class our youngest children will experience our free play and circle time pillars.  The entire 60 minutes is spent in the gym.  The first 45 minutes are spent in exploratory play and the class ends with a circle time.  This is a time for parents and caregivers to enjoy exploring the gym together.  



On My Own Classes

During the two hour class our younger children will experience our free play, circle time and skill time pillars. The class spends 60 minutes in the playroom where art, water play, creative centers, play dough, snack, and stories are on hand. They continue the fun in the gym for another 60 minutes playing, climbing, jumping, and balancing as they are engaged in a creative, developmentally appropriate environment.



During the two hour class our older children will experience all five of our pillars. This includes: free play, circle time, skill time, obstacle course, and group game. 

The class spends 70 minutes in the gym.  They have free play, a circle time, specific skills to practice, and an obstacle course that incorporates these skills.  They are engaged in a creative, developmentally appropriate environment.  

The class also spends 50 minutes in the playroom where art, water play, creative centers, play dough, snack, and stories are on hand.



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